Department of Information Sciences, Communication and Library Science

The official name: This section has defined many names according to the changes taking place at the level of the structure of the college and the university and moving towards the new system.

Current label:

Department of Information Sciences, Communication and Library Science (starting in 2015)

Previous labels:

Department of Information and Communication Sciences
Department of Humanities LMD
Department of Humanities
About the history of the department:

The Department was established with the university entrance 2007/2008 where the new system was adopted in the Department of History and Archeology, which requires the start of training at the level of the first year, a common trunk of humanities, thus costing Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sharqi to implement this conversion and running the new section based on the training program for the first year The new system prevailing in the rest of the country's universities. Which is divided in the second year of the people: history, archeology, information and communication sciences, and library science. He was joined by Dr. Khasha Ehsan (Media Sciences, Conversion from the University of Constantine) and Dr. Namamsha Rabeh (Information and Communication Sciences), who was appointed to head the department at the end of 2007. As of the academic year: 2008/2009, Dr. Bockafa Nadia (Library Science), Mr. Abdul Aziz (Media and Communication), a number of temporary professors, and participants who have been credited with covering the deficit of framing, In the same year, the Department of Human Sciences and the second year: Communication and Communication, with the opening of the Librarianship Division and the beginning of the enrollment of more specialized professors in these fields. While the rest of the students directed towards my divisions: history and archeology.

The polytheistic trunk, which is supervised by this department, has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of students who doubled during the academic years 2009/2010 to 2014/2015. In contrast to a severe shortage in framing and difficulty in running the large number of students, especially at the level of the first year, and the Department resorted to the recruitment of an increasing number of temporary teachers to cover the deficit of framing. Under the opening of many specialties at the levels of bachelor and master.

With the beginning of the academic year 2015/2016, the department benefited from the new restructuring procedures of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, where the common trunk of the first year was separated from human sciences and renamed the Department of Information Science, Communication and Library Science.

The administrative structure :

Head of Department: A / Osmaniyah Abdul Qader

Vice President of the Department in charge of teaching and teaching in the gradient: Dr. / Galab Salihah

Vice President of Post-Graduation and Scientific Research Department: Dr. Rawabieh Maryam

These administrative positions were followed by a number of professors who contributed to its management and development:

Head of Department: A / D Sharq Mohammed, Dr. Namamsha Rabeh, a / Srdok Ali, d / Debish Fatih

Head of Department for Graduation and Pedagogy: Dr. Khashah Ahsan, Mr. Marzouki Belkacem, Mr. Madi Wadea, Ben Zerara Amina, Bassam Ahmed Al-Sharif, Dr. Qareed Samir, and Zeitah Younis.

Vice-Presidency of the Section for Post-Graduation: This position remained vacant during most of the periods passed by the Department because of the absence of a post-gradation composition. Only Professor Athamania Abdelkader was employed during the two academic years 2013-2014, 201/2015.

Pedagogical positions:

Head of the Training and Information Sciences Division: Dr. Dahdouh Menia

Head of Information Technology Team: Dr. Sardouk Ali

Specialist Team Specialization Bachelor of Communication: A / Ben Sage Safety

Team Leader Master of Communication and Public Relations: Dr. Alawi Amira

Team Leader Master of Mass Communication and New Media: Mr. Marzouki Hossam El Din

Head of the team of the composition of library science: Dr. / Madi deposit

Head of the specialization team of the Bachelor of Library Science: A / Ben Daifallah Naima

Head of the team of Master of Library Science: A / Lahul Walid


Since its inception, the department has been supervising the following sections: Information Sciences, Communication and Library Science. The academic year 2015-2016 marks the first year of the first semester of the Department of Human Sciences, which has become a separate branch of the College.

Open Courses:

Specializations have been opened in the Information and Communication Branch starting from the academic year 2013/2012, the same year in which the official specialization of the previously studied subject was officially accredited. Thus, the open disciplines during the academic year 2016/2015 are:

Communication and publicity
Open Courses in Master:

The specialization of ICT and the community was opened in the Information and Communication Branch during the academic year 2011/2010 according to the graduation of the first batch at the level of the Bachelor.

While the specialization: communication and public relations, was opened during the academic year 2016/2015 according to the graduation of the first batch in this specialization at the level of Bachelor.

While the same year opened the specialization: scientific management of documentary institutions. In the Library Science Branch.

Which have been complied with in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research during the academic year 2017/2016 as follows:

- Bachelor's degree: Media

- Specialization: Bachelor of Communication

- Master's degree: Communication and public relations

- Master's specialization: mass communication and new media

- Bachelor's degree: Library Science

- Master's degree: Library Science